During my walk yesterday I though about the idea of writing in english. I have had this idea before but was afraid of what other people would think of me or that my writing skills wouldn’t be good enough. At the same time I have always wanted to be better at it and know deep inside it will always be in my mind when not doing it. So today I’m doing it. I’m writing in english and hope that I will continue doing so and not let the voice in my head scare me from continuing.

It’s not that I really care about how many people or if any wants to read what I’m writing about. To me it’s the journey that matters. The journey of learning and to express my emotions along the way. I have always had a big need to write down what I feel, because it makes me progress my thoughts a lot easier. The downside is my writing language. It is much much more easier to express in swedish than it is in english. I find my texts to be more poetic and creative when I write in swedish. Maybe I just need some practice in both reading and writing in english.

So in other words, please be kind. It will be better over time, just have some patience. A quality we all need to practice.