I forgot to write about me having vacation right now. I have vacation for two weeks. It’s going to be very nice to have some time off. During this vacay my mission will be to try eliminate or at least reduce my anxiety.

I have as an adult never felt that I been longing for vacation because since I’ve been single I have never had a person to share my vacation with and that has made my vacation meaningless.

But this year I’ve promised myself that every day I need to have a mission. It doesn’t need to be such a big deal, but I need to have something that I’m supposed to do. I hope that this will keep me from drowning in my own thoughts of depression.

Tomorrow I’m aiming for these things to happen:

  • Buy a cookie jar (I will explain why later).
  • Buy myself a cup of good coffee and write some where
  • Go to the make up store and buy myself some makeup.

It isn’t quite much but I need to take small steps away from this depression and this will be my way to start handling it.