Yesterday I had my first anxiety free day since a long time ago. I don’t know if it depends on the carb free diet or that I feel well rested after the vacation.

I haven’t done much for these couple of days. That’s why I haven’t updated. One thing I’ve been doing is thinking about the future. I’m wondering what I should do about it. It’s hard when you feel that you in the middle of something. Nothing is really happening. Maybe I’m a bit bored or maybe I’m in the wrong field. I don’t really know.

Yesterday I asked my mother about my dream job when I was little. She said that I didn’t have one. I still don’t. One thing I do know for sure. I want to make a difference, but how? Writing isn’t good enough. I want to challange myself and be outside my comfort zone.

Some days I think that I will live my life like this forever. Then I keep reminding myself that it’s up to me to stear my life in the direction I want to. Another part of me wants be to just keep focus on what I have and that I’m living a good life. So what should I do? Keep waiting or start doing something? When is it time for practice patience and when is it time for start acting? I will keep wondering and maybe some day I will be given a sign. If not, I will do something about it. Because life is not supposed to be like this. Waiting for something to happen. I will make it happen.