I know I haven’t updated for several days now and I know I should keep writing even though I don’t want to. Just because of the consistency.

For the last couple of days I’ve been feeling quite alright. I would say I haven’t had as much anxiety that I’ve been used to.

However, I have been thinking about some things. I have been thinking about what I value here in life and have realized that life goes in waves. Sometimes it is good and sometimes it is less good. What I can do is try to accept that emotions are not the reality. They come and go, just like much else.

I don’t like the concept that nothing lasts forever, but just the way it is. No harm that has no good.

Soon I will go back to work after my vacation. It feels pretty heavy. Maybe my heart is telling me something here, but I’m having trouble to hear what it has to say. While I’m waiting for my heart to sing, I’ll read some more books.