And so did this day come. My first working day. It went actually well. I think I spent to much time with my email. But hey! That’s ok. It was my first day after all. I will not be so harsh on myself for not working fast enough.

I must try to blog from my mobile more often. Because everytime I’m somewhere else. Like at the bus or walking outside I always seem to get great ideas about what to write here, but as soon as I sit down my computer trying to figure out what to write, I have forgotten it. I hate to be creative on command. It must be even harder to work with it.

Okay, this isn’t going well.. maybe because I’m trying to turn back my inner clock. During my vacation I woke up about ten and today I was supposed to wake up at six. You could imagine how I felt this morning.. yes, Awful.

Tomorrow is a new day. Maybe it’s going to be better than today. Another day of work.