Yesterday I went to a spa. That was really what I needed. Somehow it was like I left all the anxiety at home and just enjoyed the moments of relaxation. When I got home I almost fell asleep because I was so relaxed.

Sometimes I find myself not feeling anxious and that happened yesterday. It was like heaven had opened up and I can’t understand that this is how you should feel when you’re feeling well. Life sudden feels like it’s problem-free. How wonderful wouldn’t that be if it were true?

It is nice to be just being able to enjoy the water against your skin and to scrub it clean from dead skin cells. Life is paused in some way. All of a sudden you are in the present. You are one with the water, with the air and with the time. Nothing else matters.

The spa took my heavy backpack for a moment and left it by the door. It was and still is stuffed with heavy stones and I would gladly take it off more often and switch it to the comfortable slippers and a bathrobe again sometime.

I know that I’m privileged to even afford going to the spa and trust me, I enjoy every second of it and I’m so grateful. I wish everyone could afford this experience.

Maybe I should do a home-spa someday just to try it out and also to be a little more budget friendly. Maybe paint my nails, do a mask and light some candles. The point is to practice be more relaxed, the place doesn’t matter.