I have red many articles about tomorrows professions. Articles about which professions that won’t exist in a few years. As we all know new professions come to life and some others die. It’s a part of the development of the society.

Some article authors say that you should be within computer engineering and health care and some others say that social and creative professions will be more coveted. I myself believe that the human always will create meaningful professions where the creator can express her or his best qualities regardless if it’s a social skill, creative or a logical one. This means that if a certain profession dies another will be born. The only difference will be the title. So instead of writing about choosing the the right education, maybe we should teach people to find a education or profession that gives them a bigger satisfaction than just having a job and to get a salary every month. Even though the salary is very important (because we all need to pay our bills) I believe that in some cases we stare us blind on the wrong the wrong question. The question isn’t about having the job that the society wants. The question should be, which job suits my qualities best and do I find this profession interesting enough to pursue it for several hours every day? I believe this will give us a bigger satisfaction in the long run and will give our work life a bigger meaning.

If any one had told me to think like this I would definitely not have chosen my current profession. I would have chosen a much more creative job. But hey, this is why I’m writing.

So If I had to predict the future I would say one thing. Entrepreneurs will always have a place in the society. They are the ones who actually drives the society forward.