Happy New Year everyone! Hope you’ve had a great happy new year even though it’s corona times.

I myself am quite thrilled over 2021. I usually don’t bother about the new year like many others, but this year is different. Maybe for the first time I look forward to the new year. 2020 was a quite boring year for me. Not because of the corona, because I felt stuck. Stuck in a place and time where I shouldn’t be. It’s a strange feeling and hard to put my finger on what’s wrong. I just know.

I have had this feeling before. That things are going to slow and life happens to everyone else but me. I guess this occurs when we act on things. We only sit there and wait for things so be solved by themselves or that we don’t have patience enough. We want things to happen so quickly these days. Maybe we have forgotten that time is our best friend, not our enemy. Maybe we should just start accept. Because when we accept, then we can start to make a change.