Before Christmas I got sick. I think I got a malignant bacterium or some kind of virus in my stomach. What ever I ate, my stomach couldn’t keep it. I had diarrhea for over a week. After this week I did the mistake of eating carbs again. The carbs made me get back the energy when I hadn’t eaten for several days. I had forgotten how much I love carbs and how they make me feel happy. For real. So there I was, stuck in the carb swamp again.

The cravings for carbs made me do something bad yesterday. I baked a carrot cake with lots of sugar in it. It was delicious and not good for my blood sugar. Even if it seemed to be a great idea at the time I baked it and then ate it, my body didn’t agree.

Today I feel nothing but hungry and addicted to the damn carrot cake. So no, this was not a good idea to cheat if you are on a low sugar diet.

From a scientific perspective this is quit interesting how the body adapts so quickly to “drugs”. Yes, I call sugar a drug. Because it is. How the body wants more. The body doesn’t indicate when it wants veggies but sugar, that the body really wants. I feel like my brain is being kidnapped. Kidnapped by the sugar. Tomorrow, no more sugar again. Let the detoxification begin.